Remove global (page-long) link?

I’ve screwed something up.

I have a blog-site which is mainly text.

Basically, in making a new page, I’ve copied an old one, and then replaced the text. But the page I’ve copied from had a link in the first line. So while I’ve replaced the text, which includes a lot of new links, underneath it all there’s a “global” link from the old page. In other words, you can click on body text and it’ll take you to this old link.

It’s only on the mobile devices, the desktop version is fine, which is why I didn’t pick it up.

I can’t just do a Select All and then remove the stray link by selecting On Click/Do Nothing, because that erases all my new links.

Any suggestions?

I’m afraid the only way to solve that is the hard way. Can’t really think of any quick fix.

OK, thanks. Live and learn.

Perhaps it’s not part of your overall vision for Sparkle, but maybe a “view code” option could be handy from time to time?

As Sparkle doesn’t work with code internally, that’s not an option.