Removing a blog element destroys the index layout

Hi, when I remove a blog element, it ads this element on the bottom of the blog index, sometimes, it ads an never ending page with this element at the bottom.

Seems like “show in blog index” is a bit buggy, also some elements are not being updated in the blog index, until I switch this function of and on again…

Same for removed items from a blog, but the blog index remains broken after switching on and of…

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Its really strange:

When I switch off the function “show in blog index”, the remove it from the blog, it appears in the blog index on the very bottom of the page without any chance to remove it somehow…

And because its being removed from the blog post, there is no way to remove it…

It would be really helpful if you could email us a short video showing the problem, very keen on solving a problem we can see. We use the software too much to see non-obvious paths (to us!).… thanks!

Thank you! :slight_smile:
Great support as always!


Hi Andre, just out of curiosity, has your issue been solved?
If so would you share it with the community?