Renaming images?

Am I right in saying that any photos, logos, banners, that had been placed into a page must retain their original names so that Sparkle can find that image? I found this out to my cost when I decided to rename the images thinking that this would not affect the PNGs, JPEGs, SVGs that I had used. I was clearly wrong. The banners seem to still be in place though, but the others were either lost or something else appeared in the preview. I was only trying to clean up the names so that they might be beneficial for SEO. Thankfully, I made a copy of my latest sparkle design so I haven’t damaged the integrity of my website; instead, I’ve lost many hours of work. 

So my main question is simple this: once this is uploaded, how do I ensure that all the images can be found in the future if I decide to move the folders somewhere else on my hard drive? When this website is finally uploaded to the server and I choose to make refinements later, I want to be sure that Sparkle can still find those images. 

For assets that can be stored outside of the project file, so gallery images, downloadable files, audio and video files, you can opt to switch them to “stored in this document”. This makes them always available, at the expense of making the project file bigger.

Unfortunately there is no central place for switching them all or for checking their status. We should build that.

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