Request for SPARKLE functions

Would it be possible to make such mouseover effects on buttons and photos as on this page: (done in SPARKLE) without using CSS manually?
Then it would really be an amazing program for creating visual websites.
I really miss the animation (fading, moving, zooming, etc.) when hovering over buttons and photos.
And there is a lack of horizontal and vertical guides to which you can align elements on the page.
I specifically bought an IMAC computer to install SPARKLE, although I have always been working on Windows.

Welcome @GRAFKOM, we will definitely get to adding all that.

Hi, Sparkle does have alignment guides for vertical and horizontal elements on the page. They become visible as you are moving an element on the page.

There is an application called Red Line Tool which is available on the Mac App Store, I came across it a few days ago. It can create a full screen grid plus alignment guides which float over the entire screen, independent of the application you are running. It also has a great zoom tool with colour picker. Also its free!!