Resolution for images

Hi all, quick question. For some reason, only on mobile devices, like iPhones, the photos on my homepage show up lower resolution than they do on desktops or laptops. Any ways to change this?
For reference my site is

The images are resized for mobile, they’re smaller, but still a good resolution for viewing on a smartphone. Or is there a glaring problem I don’t see?

Well, I’ve only had the new site up for one day and I’ve already had two clients ask me why the photos are low-res. So I don’t think it’s just my phone. The images are sort-of clear as long as you don’t zoom in at all. And they’re not definitely not as clear as the desktop. I assumed it was some settings somewhere that I don’t know how to find.


I thought that maybe if I use the following settings it may fix things but, sadly my computer crashes when I make these adjustments.

The first question I’d ask is how large are your original images before you add them to Sparkle?
From what I’ve heard, the bigger the better.
Conversely, starting with smaller lower resolution images will yield lower quality results, especially once you get to the mobile layout.
Bottom line: give Sparkle the best you’ve got to give it something to work with.

Started with large, hi-res images. Everything looks crispy on a 27” iMac at full scale. Looks blurry and low res on iPhones.

I checked your site again, on desktop and on phone, I’m not seeing blurriness. Maybe it’s because my eyes are aging, but even pinch-zooming the few images I checked look perfectly reasonable.

Could you take a screenshot of the phone showing a blurry photo and either post it here? And provide the page URL where the screenshot was take as well.

When it’s not zoomed in, it’s not as clear as the desktop… it’s not bad, just not as good as the desktop:

But when it’s Zoomed in slightly, it’s quite terrible:

@Erik, It is very rare to see 4 images across on mobile because it is really hard to make things out. So your images are really small and you are zooming them which is the problem, not Sparkle. Make your images bigger (1 column is the best) on mobile and then users won’t have to zoom making for a pixelated viewing…

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