Responsive content sketch plugin

Awesome program just some suggestions
Sketch anima plugin for responsive pages it would be great if this could also work within sparkle Or similar.

You mentioned doing a sketch tutorial video that would be awesome especially if you used the anima responsive plugin as I really have not learned it well enough to design layouts to be used in sparkle.

As jumping back in forth to between layouts is very time consuming and easily to make a mistake. I do one item at a time check both layouts is there a easier way that I am missing. Split screen between the two layout would also be great. I have watched most of your videos and find them very helpful thanks again

Awesome program

We don’t support Anima right now, the Sketch plugin can be considered a 1.0 that will be evolving. That said I think Sketch itself is still very much in flux on the responsive aspect. Many designs seem to be built with multiple artboards for the purpose of sharing what the design looks like, rather than for turning it into a working website. We will be following their progress with interest and supporting things in Sparkle that we feel are a good match.

@Izhane, Although that is a good idea with Anima they are two different approaches to web design… Anima is responsive width, where Sparkle is responsive fixed width so I’m not sure if that will ever be a good fit?

As Duncan mentioned, Sketch is not quite sure what it is at the moment now that the way UI is being delivered has changed somewhat and new players have come onto the scene - XD, Figma, etc… challenging Sketch’s business model.