Rezdy + sparkle

Good evening everyone. Does anyone have experience with ? Is it possible to easily link it to a site made with Sparkle? Thanks for the replies and good luck everyone

From my basic experience with stripe, while the stripe implementation does not work as expected, we did all links from and to without any issue with all details from stripe so I assume it will be the same with rezdy as long as you get all necessary details from them as well.

I was able to insert necessary code via “external content” in sparkle and all other details where “easily” set up by my client inside the stripe world.
Links like payment links had been linked via buttons and so it was just a bit of trial and error, a test payment and so on …

I am not a coding guy at all, I want to add.

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From what I can see of their website @maxsanna it is not a stand alone application but something that integrates into an existing booking platform. So in other words you will need to use one of Sparkle’s booking widgets and then integrate Rezdy into that.

Thank you very much Flamin Fig! I’ll do the test right away!

Thank you very much for your answer!