Round corners button error

Hi @duncan and all!
I have a problem with a button’s appereance:
The button is configurated without round corners, but in the published mobile view appear with rounded corners…
You can see in the screenshots.
Can anyone help me to fix this?

@tanyyys, Sorry I have never come across this so this might be something for Duncan to check out.

The only thing I can think off is because it is a send button at times some browsers take the liberty to do their own thing, but other then that I have nothing! :frowning:


You can fix input rounding 1 and button rounding 0 for iOS Safari.

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We had seen this in the past, but thanks for bringing it up, it’s now fixed for the upcoming 2.8.11.

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Hi macarna, thanks for the advice, I’ve tried but it didn’t work.

Thanks Duncan, keep doing this great work with Sparkle App :smiley:

Interesting, it works for me…