Same sizes image & Text boxes

Hello. I am a newbie. building a website for my paintings. Have images in image with the3 columns and several rows. Beneath each image is a text box image with title of painting, size, & price (screen shot 1). Since there are numerous images I was wondering if there ia faster work around in getting each image same size vertically and horizontally as well as aligned perfectly both vertically and horizontally this should also work for the corresponding text sizes (screenshot 2). I am including some images to clarify myself.

Screen Shot 1 12020-03-20 at 3.38.47 PM

@mhirji, Did I read correctly that you have imaged the title, size, and cost, below your artwork picture? If I did read it correctly it would be far better to have those details as text allowing the likes of Google to be able to index it and make it searchable. If I did read it incorrectly my apologies.

Regarding your question… What I do (when I have multiple images but want them all the same size) is make the one image the size you want. Then select it and all the other images you want to make the same size and then go to the top of the Sparkle canvas where you’ll see your alignments, spacing, and the last two on the right is for on mass sizing. The first one when clicked will give all the other images the same width as the original, and the second icon when clicked will do the height.


First of all thank you for your help.

Sorry need to explain a bit more.

  1. have several images of paintings. Each of which I have in an image box in rows of 3. Then under each image I have a text box that contains the information about the painting like its size price title.

  2. I have tried resizing all as you suggest but the text box and the image boxes being of different size messes it up??? Perhaps I am not doing this correctly?


This screen shot may explain it a bit better. Please indicate if I am doing something wrong.

Screen Shot3 2020-03-21 at 9.58.21 AM

@mhirji, You are on the right track, but do your wanted size image with all the other images, and then your wanted sized text box with all the other text boxes.