Save as … possibility?

Is there a “save as …” possibility in Sparkle? Or is to copy the file in Finder and rename it the only solution?

Sparkle’s file menu is inherited by the “modern document architecture” of macOS, just like Pages or Keynote. Why Apple chose to remove Save As… is a mystery, but that’s how it is.

Starting with a now old version of macOS (could be 10.14 I don’t recall exactly), macOS added the Save As possibility, it shows up when opening the File menu while holding the Option (Alt) key on the keyboard. But it should be noted that this does not in fact revert the changes in the current file, so you can save a current snapshot of the document in a different file with this Save As, but the current file will also have those changes unless you undo or revert them.

Thanks Duncan. As I am (still) mainly on Yosemite (I need some Apps that only work there), pressing/holding the option key was working in several apps that didn’t have the “save as …” option. But it doesn’t work with Sparkle.
Anyways, thanks for the information. I will do it the more complicated way, in the Finder. It would have been nice to have an easy way to make a backup on another drive with copy in the name or even the date.

I get “Save as…” in Sparkle 4.1.1 running on my iMac 2011 with High Sierra 10.13.6.

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Thanks for mentioning it. It made me think that there is something fishy with my system, as Sparkle had other problems: The poster picture of the latest video changed randomly after uploading into one of another video already uploaded.
Now I booted from Mojave and everything (including "save as … by holding the optin/alt key) works as it should.
I hope I don’t have a virus on my Yosemite partition!