save current web page on PC

How can I save my complete already published website back to my Mac for further editing.
I forgot to save it to the hard drive.

Hi @aagerth, the source project file contains more detail than the published files. That said Sparkle has an import feature that can take nearly any page and recreate the layout, then import text and images (but no active components in the page).

If you saved at all at any point, but you simply don’t have it on your PC anymore, you may be able to recover the sparkle file from your time machine backup. These are usually available for quite some time, so maybe worth checking. Of course, if you just created your website, published and then closed sparkle without saving, then this option will not be available to you - you will have to import the site as Duncan suggested and fill up the missing pieces.

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Open your website in Sparkle and go to the File menu and select Revert To - Browse All Versions. You will see versions saved every two minutes back to the last time you opened your site file in Sparkle. On the left side will be your most recent version, with older versions on the right. Scroll or select by date/time from the timeline on the right-hand side of the screen. You can even copy things from older versions into your most recent version.

If you use iCloud, your versions will be saved in iCloud. Since Sparkle is a great native Mac app, it should still be using Apple’s “Revert To” revisioning without Time Machine and iCloud. Then previous versions are saved on your Mac.

This revisioning function is built into MacOS, iPadOS, and iPhoneOS. For Apps available on multiple Apple devices, it works across all devices. If you don’t use iCloud, this alone is the most important reason to use it. Not only will this save your life and possibly your wallet, it will dramatically increase your workflow productivity by letting you step back changes. When I’m creating I use this constantly to view changes, before and after, and undo my really bad ideas.

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