Scroll locations in pop ups?

Is it possible to set scroll locations in pop ups somehow?
I suspect it’s not possible, but I’ll ask anyway…

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You want a popup to open at a specific location while scrolling the page?

If yes, in the popup menu, click on “open automatically”, then select “open at scroll position”.

Hello Allan :wave:
I have a very long popup with many pictures. At the beginning I would like to point out information, which can then be read at the end after the pictures.
Info >>
When you click on this “Info >>”, it would be nice if you could jump to the end of the long popup, where text would be readable - for people who are only interested in this info.
On a normal page I might be able to do that, but inside a popup I don’t know a solution.

If I understand correctly, no, unfortunately, it is not possible without adding code. But you can, upon clicking on “Info >>”, open a second popup that provides this additional information immediately, without the need for scrolling. If these two popups are not part of the same group, they can overlap. For example:

You could even open this second popup when hovering over “info” and automatically close it when the mouse leaves the button.

And just for your information, having a lot of content in a popup (if it doesn’t open automatically) is not very good for SEO and search engine rankings. Sometimes it’s better to create separate pages rather than putting everything on one page with popups.

Thanks for your reply Allan!
That was very helpful and clear. I’ll think about it again and see if I can implement it differently.

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