Scroll Locations not accurate unless starting at the top of the page

I have a very, very long web page design (20,000px tall!) with several scroll locations defined and a sticky menu at the top of the page. if i am at the very top of the page, all the menu links scroll to the correct locations for each anchor, but if i have already clicked one menu item, and scrolled to the anchor, the rest of the menu items will go to random locations on the page, no longer going to the position i defined.

thanks in advance for any help

Could you send across a link @kcapraro?

Here is one in action taking into consideration a menu stuck at top of page -

Hi There,
Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately I can’t share the site yet, it contains client financial info. The sticky menu itself works fine, it’s more that when the menu items are clicked on, the anchor points don’t go to the correct anchor potion locations as defined in the sparkle file.


It’s hard to give you help without some visuals, but I understand.

From my experience with connecting main stick-to-the-top of page navigation and scroll locations is that it comes down to human-error when it doesn’t work. It sounds to me, from what you have described, that maybe you haven’t taken the height of your sticky navigation bar into consideration?

Maybe even a screenshot could help to see the misalignment taking place?..

Here’s a movie of the issue. In this video, I keep clicking on the menu item, you’ll see how it keeps moving up and down when I click over and over, also the original click doesn’t end up in the right place. LMK if you get a chance to look and if you’ve ever had this happen.

Anchor not working

You are right @kcapraro, that is a very strange action.

I’m wondering which browser you are using? and if it is updated to the latest?
It seems it could be a javascript issue so I think it is best to get hold of @duncan and send across your project for him to take a look over to find out what it could be.

You can reach Duncan on

My first thought would be to break this up into separate pages. End of frustration.

Is there a particular reason you need to keep all of the content on one long page?

hi, good idea, i’ll ask him, thanks!

Thanks for this thought, yeah i could do that, but the point of the site is to feel like you are traveling down a tree, the bottom of the page becomes roots underground, so breaking it up kind of breaks the concept.