Scroll locations

Hi, I am using Sparkle 2.8.2 and the safari browser mit the latest update (I don’t run beta software).
I have a problem, I set a scroll location “contact” then link it with the Menu and a button on the page.
When I clock the button in the page, everything works fine. Do I click on the menu it doesn’t work, the screen doesn’t move.
Is there a big or do I still doing something wrong?
Both links Setup the same way but work differently apparently.

I just tried in a blank new project and it works fine. Is this published somewhere? Or perhaps send the project file to

2.8.3 is out by the way.

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The side is life and reachable under:

As you can see, the contact us in the menu doesn’t work but the contact us in the hero picture is working.

I am aware of the new version, didn’t have time to update yet.

No menu item seems to be working there. I suggest looking at the menu in Sparkle, or sending the project file over if you can’t figure it out.

There are no pages connected yet. I only set under Contact us and About us the jump to scroll locations.
Those scroll locations setup as per on the sparkle docs website.
Menu scroll locations doesn’t work
On page scroll locations works.

Ok so it must be something else. Send the file over as mentioned.


Is sent per email


I fixed it, also didn’t work with the updated sparkle version.
I tried with a new menu and it worked.
So I ungrouped and unlocked the header with the menu and it worked again. Grouped it again and still it works.
I assume there was a hick up with couple version update in the past. I don’t know just assuming.
Uploaded new version, have a check

The problem actually was the group containing the top of the page elements had itself a link (on click action -> page in this website -> home page), this causes Sparkle not to generate any of the links contained in the group (it would be invalid HTML).

That would explain why it’s working when I ungrouped everything.
Thanks for looking into it.