Scrolling an image gallery

Hi. Newbie here. I have 50-60 photos I want to have in a gallery, showing 9 at a time. Is it possible to have a vertical scroll bar?

Tx for your help!

Hi @viclennard, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:
Your post heading says Image Gallery, but then you ask being able to scroll a gallery. Could maybe you show us visually what you mean?..

This is from my current website and what I’m trying to reproduce in Sparkle.

Tx for your help!

Ok got it!..
You can use Sparkle’s new Image/Video Grid Block which expands as you through more images into it.

Hi - thanks for your help.

I’m using the grid block but as it expands it doesn’t incorporate a scroll bar when it hits another block.

Screenshot attached.

@viclennard you have to have the content below it also in some sort of block… In your case a Layout Block. In other words, content (images, test, button, etc…) in a block nudges the block below it when the block expands above it.

Thanks for your help!

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