Search button suggestion

If I understand correctly, when you put in a Search element, the button says “Search”.

For the sake of having a choice, I’d like to have the option of putting in a (1) my own text or (2) an icon such as a magnifying glass.

@DaverD, If you double click on the “search” button to select it you’ll see in the right-hand panel under the Style tab that you can…

  • change the name of the button
  • and you can “Background” an image or vector to reflect an icon
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Thanks @greenskin.


I was looking around, I thought everywhere before posting so I would sound like a dope and waste others’ time.

Thanks for pointing this out and my apologies for wasting your time.

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@DaverD, if you don’t know you don’t know so not a problem at all in helping you out! My pleasure! :slight_smile:

Asking questions is so important in this world. Not enough of it is being done and look where we are now!