Search engines have lost me :-o

My previous ugly old site was put together with a free open source editor.
For ages, I was nearly always on first page when searching for artists like me.
But I noticed recently that with my slick shiny Sparkle site, I seem to have vanished from Google, and only the pay for adword option brings my site up on Google.
I’m sure I’ve overlooked something (or loads of things :pensive: )
Any help or guides would be most welcome ! Thanks


Maybe this page help to you


Many thanks ! I missed this when looking for answers.
Will get to work on the site again ASAP !

Hi Alan, it could be lots of little things that you may be missing, and they all add up!

I’m no expert at all on SEO, but the obvious things I can think of straight away is:

  • H1 tag - Has each page got a relevant H1 tag and does the content relate to this tag.
  • Page Description - Have you written a good description for each page.
  • Google webmaster tools - I use this. I can let google know that I want my site to be re-indexed among many other things such as verification of website / domain etc.
  • Content - Well written content is vital, google loves content that is relevant.
  • Mobile version of the site is important nowadays unfortunately.
  • Has your site got a https certificate?

Hope some of these suggestions help.
Best, Scott


Many thanks Scott.

If you’re no expert… uhh, what does that make me ? lol ! I don’t even know what the H1 tag is :cry:
I’ve spent some time this afternoon trying to sort out Google webmaster tools and I think I’ve got it to re-index my main page (that’s the one that counts for me)

When you say “mobile version”, isn’t that created automatically by Sparkle ? I’ve sized everything accordingly with the different options (PC, pad, mobile landscape + portrait)


Hi Alan.
If you have produced different device sizes then you have a mobile and table and desktop versions already done :slight_smile:

H1 tag - Lets say you are building a website ‘How to build a website with Sparkle’ - in the font styles panel you would choose the ‘Title’ font (If this title is representing the website is a high value etc)- this font style is automatically assigned a H1 tag etc Or you could using the ‘Sub title’ style (h2) or ‘heading’ font style (h3) if it is not priority number one for the website etc

I have a website called, the h1 tag for this is taken from the Page ‘title’

Actually I just noticed a mistake! Haha I have also used an h1 tag fir the ‘Modern Keyboard Tuition for the Complete Beginner’ as well. I will have to correct this asap!!

Also for the website if I insert a search phrase into duck duck go ‘keyboard tuition in Worcester’ I have the top 4 slots in their index!! I am searching for a local service though, but still it’s a good result for me.

Which version you’re using? I see new features in screenshots!

v.2.8 screenshots embedded above.

Thanks once more for lighting my darkness !! :sunglasses:
I bet I’m not alone in my ignorance !
So, I’ve added titles as you explained and republished… but will Google find this automatically or do I have to send them a telegram or something ? :upside_down_face:

You could tell google to re-index using webmaster tools etc. What is your website address and I will take a look etc? but if you would rather not post the web address here I understand :slight_smile:

It takes a lot of trial and error to improve rankings, and only Google know internally how it operates!!


My site has already been published here :wink: I was trying to fond a method for a “pop-up” box which could be closed, but not available as yet (waiting for the next version ! !)

Here it is (hope you read French :laughing: )

Btw, I found how to ask for re-indexing, but I think it lay take a few days (months ?? )

between 24 hours to three days I have found on average.

I have trouble speaking English and I’m not very well educated!
What you need to think about is what a person would type into a search engine to find what they need.

Your title tag is ALANCARTER, so someone searching for a local or non local country musician would not likely know you, so they would not type ALANCARTER into the search query etc. They may type something like ‘country musician local for hire’

Do you see where I’m coming from? So the Title tag needs to represent what you do and not necessarily who you are? But it could reference both if you think about it.

Another example is your ‘Country’ page with the h1 Title tag ‘country’. This is not enough to help rank you very highly I don’t think. Make use of the title tag, be very specific eg ‘country musician for hire’ as an example.

Again, I’m not an expert, but to me that’s what I would be thinking about etc.



No! was not 2.8…
changed now…

These are not the droids you are looking for.

I can swear but I will not extend… (;

You can’t be less educated than a musician mate ! :joy:

Seriously, thanks again. You’re giving me more info than I would have found in a month !
The tags you refer to… I didn’t know these were important.
Thought they were just names to differentiate my pages, and I think they were produced automatically.
I’ll change them as soon as poss.
Basically I need to draw clients to the main page from where they can chose to go where they need.
You’re right, those who know me already just go straight to my site but I need to be found by folk searching for country entertainment.

I signed up to too and referenced with them.
Seemed to index almost immediately and I can “find myself” quite easily.

Thanks again (merci beaucoup :cowboy_hat_face:)

Sorry to say Alan, but I am a musician! I tend to self educate myself as much as possible!!

Just think about what your audience is (excuse the pun), and create tags and high quality / relevant content that the search engines can use to guide them to your site etc.

All the best fellow musician :joy:

Musician or not, you’ve been loads of help, thanks again !! I’ve done a rehash and will wait and see in the next few days if there’s any improvement.

Best to you too sir, and hope you’re safe from all this recent plague :wink: