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Is there any way to search specifically for applied styles in the project? For example, one has changed a style without considering that it might have already been used in pages.

Now the appearance of these pages changes as well. It would be helpful to be able to search for these.

If this is not possible, please put it on the next update feature list.

Mr. F.


Thanks for the suggestion.

You’re welcome.

Maybe Sparkle could give a warning: “This style is already used in x pages” and you can click on a list of these pages. Or “The following pages use this style. Please check the layout.”

But then the whole thing has to be done per device. Maybe a bit much work.

Mr. F.

I second that request. Along these lines: it would be great if Sparkle could tell you which styles are unused.

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I like more the idea…

  • Start with a “clean slated” project
  • Choose the colours we want to use across (global) the project
  • Chose the fonts we want to use across (global) the project

This way we know if we change a colour that we have set globally that everything within the project using that colour will change to the new colour.


@habboud : Good suggestion.

This is known from DTP programs like InDesign or Affinity Publisher. Now you can say that a web design program has nothing to do with DTP, but the use of style palettes is the same in principle.

And both have the same goal: to make text and images available to the end user. Be it on a screen, or printed.

The whole thing could be extended to the color palettes. So the highlighting of unused colors.

Mr. F.