Search in site completely broken

Hi all,
in my site “search” boxes does not work at all. If try to search anything I get 0 result anyway. I try to delete all search boxes, the result page and recreate them from scratch, but doesn’t work.
I take a look to index options in preferences and are all active. All pages are set to default properties to allow searches…
I use Sparkle 3 last update.
I miss something? Need some help… :frowning:

I take a look inside the search resulty page after a failed search. I got this:

So I’m not really good to analyze it… some help?

@GianlucaRigotti, Have a read through this to see if it helps -

I have the exact same issue, site search used to work but now nothing happens. What has changed?

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This is just the documentation, read more times. Explain how to use, and in the past works prfectly. My problem is now, simplly searches acutally get NO RESULTS. I try also to delete all rearch boxes and result pages and recreate from scratch, but does not help.
I think is a bug into search engine that does a call to an unexisting function.

Sorry about that, we fixed it for the upcoming Sparkle 3.0.9.

However the issue is only with older PHP versions, if you change your server’s PHP to a recent one it will work fine.

Thanks Duncan for the reply. I have no control on the server (my provider has) so I’ll ask for an update. However I hope into the “workaround” into 3.0.9!

So, I discover that I can update PHP by myself to 7.4 (was 7.2)… Just done and the search now works again!
So is FIXED!! :smiley:

I have the same problem. Just added a “Site Search” box to my site and every search for anything returns “no results”

My service provider provides PHP 7.3.27. Do I need to ask them to change this to 7.4?

Many thanks…

It works for me. I suppose can works also for you!

Yes, if can not update by yourself. Please check your website account settings. Good luck.

More about PHP trouble.

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