See The Code On A page

I tried searching the community for this no luck. I know how to embed code ( I do this for fun) but I’d like to see the code of my complete page? Is that possible? I used to be able to that in Dreamweaver but can’t find a way to see that now? Its possible it just can’t be done?
Thanks in advance

Hi @mdalb20,

Sparkle doesn’t work with code internally, it only generates it as a last step when publishing, so there is no “code view”. Code is also not the point of Sparkle, something we don’t emphasize and we don’t believe is (or should be) the focus of web design.

You are welcome to learn from Sparkle’s code, but you’ll need to export to disk to do that. Just don’t depend on it, because we are changing it all the time.


Thanks Duncan. Appreciate the quick response.

Hi … easy code view in Safari for any website. Just enable its Developer drop down. Nothing special needed!


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