Select which sections a menu is visible in

Hi - it would be great to be able to select which sections a menu could be visible within

ie section A, section D, section F. Having a check box choice of selections would work.


This would save a bunch of time cutting and pasting

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Yes, that would be great. I have 8 sections and would be happy to show the same menu bar on all pages except on the index.html.


Related to this suggestion, but coming at it from the other direction, perhaps a toggle to EXCLUDE an item from a page/section would work too. But maybe this becomes a coding nightmare?

Either way, some method to exclude a ‘show on all’ item from some pages/sections would be helpful.


Nice thought. I would like to shed some light on this from another angle.

A section summarizes thematically similar pages. That’s probably how it’s intended by the developers.

If sections A, D and F are supposed to have the same (sub)menu now, the assumption is that the pages are also thematically the same. So why are they not all in section A ?

I can’t see the benefit from the proposal (yet). By the way, you can duplicate the menu by copy&paste.

Mr. F.

Hi, @Mr_Fozzie,
I accept your rationale about sections and common themes without debate.

My suggestion is motivated by simplicity, maybe laziness (the mother of all coding suggestions? :thinking:), pure and simple.

Consider the following:
When setting up a site, ‘show on all’ is the default for getting common headers, footers, menus, etc. across pages/sections. Unless one is perfectly foresightful, however, eventually one gets to a section/page that needs something different from the theme. To enact this difference, presently one must a) toggle off ‘show all’ and copy/paste to all extant sections/pages, b) restructure pages by new theme(s), and/or c) add material that obscures/covers the thematic items on those different pages/sections. (And there may be more options.)

An ‘exclude’ toggle makes this easy, it seems. But I am unsure of the coding problems that may arise.

That written: Re-thinking Sections and Folders:
Your comment has me re-thinking the need for my my request and more: my conception of Sections and Folders. Perhaps some of my blockage comes from not using Sections and Folders separately. I understand that they can have different functions but, for simplicity and clarity, I use them synonymously: all pages in a section are associated with a folder of the same name. It helps keep the structure straight.

I understand, now, that I could use sections and folders independently (I didn’t when begining to use Sparkle). Each page would be classified on two dimensions: the display theme, grouped in common sections, and a file structure, grouped in common folders. It adds a layer of complexity; but perhaps this is the solution to my theming issues?