Selective Email from a form!

Hi all !

Actually one of the web site I manage is the Photo Club page.

The Club has some activities and also some managers (7) for each branch of activity.

My question is :
If I use a form with some fields like, Name, Email, Phone, Remark…
Is it possible, when the club member press the send button, to preselect with a checkbox, to which responsable the Email will be sent !!

Activities = Email to resp A
Contest = Email to resp B
Studio = Email to resp C
etc… = so on !

Thank you


Hello Denis. I don’t know if it is possible, but I do have a suggestion if it is not…

Overall, you are looking for Sparkle to do a bit of processing. Specifically, a series of IF/THEN steps. You can move that processing downstream to where the email is processed. This is done by putting a series of radio buttons on the email form and have the radio buttons included in the email form submission.

Once the data from the radio buttons is in the form, it now becomes a question of where the processing is done. At one end of the spectrum, it may be possible to automate the processing - either by rules within the email server (e.g. Exchange) or by rules defined within an email client (e.g. Outlook or Apple Mail). At the other end of the spectrum is manual processing whereby the recipient of the Sparkle provided form forwards the email to the appropriate person - assuming the radio button is accurately defining who the correct recipient.

I know this is not exactly what you were looking for but it may provide you with options should Sparkle not have the ability you seek.

@Dimolden, I’m sorry to say but Sparkle is not able to do that.

You could assign a page (with the form) as per email receiver though. So in your case that would be 7 seperate pages or popups hidden from the main menu.