Send a mail to user

Does anyone know if it is possible after the SEND button, that a mail will be sent to the user (it would be excellent especially when the user orders something). This could be as a confirmation the same mail that reaches the company.

@geneprofi, From what I know of Sparkle I have to say no.

I’m not really sure you could use the “send button” in that way either. I would think you would use (embed) a shopping cart to allow for purchases and have a copy of the purchase go out to the client.

It’s not possible with Sparkle (right now).

I needed this function for a client, that’s why I had to embed a contact form with WordPress and a plugin, that does this (the sender gets a copy of the mail form).

Not ideal, of course, but it worked so far.

It is not possible. However not all “email sending” is created equal. And specifically the email that goes from your web host to your mailbox has just enough legs to do that.

When sending customer emails you need to get into the realm of “transactional email”, or in other words single point-to-point emails from you to the recipient, containing details about anything initiated by the site visitor. Think for example of the license code our servers send you after purchasing Sparkle.

Companies who specialize in transactional email take great care in ensuring top notch email deliverability, they work day and night on ensuring their servers are not in any blacklist, their customers are using email only in relation to transactions, etc.

This is a bit of a more involved thing than echoing back a form to a site visitor, some may think it’s overkill, but the reality of email these days is you can’t really do it differently.

You could try using Zapier to send it to both you and someone else simultaneously as an automation.

Thanks WebRoyal, thats a good idea with zapier, but I think I will solve it with jotform.