Sending objects to back and finding them

Does anyone have a good idea or trick how to find again objects (i. e. images) once sent to the back? I find them sometimes again when I start to make a new device version. And once I know where it is (maybe behind a box) I cannot klick it in order to bring it to the front. A little bit complicated to explain, but I hope you understand what I mean excactly… Thanks for help

This might be what you mean Request for a Layers Panel

Hi @geneprofi, one trick is to select all canvas elements (CMD-A) and see if you spot the handles for an element that’s not visible. Then right click there, and select it from the context menu.


InDesign has the ability to command-click the top object repeatedly which in turn selects each object behind. An alternative would be to be able to lock each object in turn until you find the one you need. Failing that layers would work. To not have the ability to do any of these is why I can’t use Sparkle at the moment unfortunately.