SEO, I was wondering if I can HIDE, my laundry list of,

City and zips, and Bulk equipment that I work on.

If it still gets read by google etc and is part of the discovery process if it is hidden?
OR does it have to be visible for google to find the information?


@jfmusic, Mmmm… You have taken the “splatter gun approach” to SEO with how your “laundry list” has been implemented. Even if you hide it Google (and the likes) will red flag your site. This was normal practice in the early parts of 2000 and Google declared it was misleading and spammy in nature.

In today’s online world you take a niche approach to your SEO because Google has AI now working the search engine and AI is now onto everything that looks “fishy” or does not enhance the experience of your intended “searching user”.

To help you understand more about SEO in 2020 check out this article -

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