SEO - no visibility in Google search

I am a graphic designer, a no-code-person, but pretty creative at solving problems. I have used Adobe Muse since day one, and are moving to Sparkle as this is the best option I found. Of course, there are things I miss, but also much that is better. I manage a lot of sites for clients and are now reworking them in Sparkle and at the same time building new ones from scratch.

One thing I struggle with is to get new sites visible in Google searches. The sites that I reworked are already out and have no problems, even though they are not linked to Google Analytics.

When launching new sites with Adobe Muse, except from a little patience with time they all showed up after some weeks. This is not happening with my new Sparkle sites. And I can’t find out why.

I know that many of the sites are not optimal when it comes to text and SEO, but my clients are mostly artists and the sites are mainly visual. Apart from this, all Suggestions from Sparkles SEO-assistant are followed.

Her are links to new sites that not are showing up on Google:
The site have been out for months
The site have been out for months. There is a problem with the Norwegian letter æ, the artist name is Jenny Alnæs, but I have linked jennyalnæ to through the web hosting provider.
This site is recently launched

These sites ar reworked from Adobe Muse, and are showing up with no problems:

All the sites are published using a Norwegian web hosting provider.
What have I missed?

As far as I can tell the sites are set up correctly. Can you look in the Google search tools if anything is flagged about and

When I check the sites on Google Transparency Report its says; no data available.

What about the coverage section.