SEO optimization

I have a page with ± 9 scroll locations, and a top menu that links to these scroll locations.
Now I see the scroll locations are defined as <p>. This makes seobility complain about there being very few internal links. Is there an easy way to change the <p> to <a id>?

(I could edit the HTML directly, but would like to avoid that)

By the way, I’ve been casually designing websites since 1993, and man, do I love this tool!

Hi @Mtc, actually anchors are <a name=…> in Sparkle. Not sure what that seo tool is complaining about…

Hi Duncan, thanks for the reply.
I investigated further. Indeed I see the “a name”. The problem was that all links to these had a href="#". I changed the source code to be eg a href="#cloud" and now it’s already much better.
Of course that’s a workaround that will be destroyed with the next publish. :frowning:

I’m not sure what you’re seeing there. Sparkle properly produces the anchor references. Please share. A project file and we’ll take a look.

I just sent you the project file.