Separate device settings for Border, Rounding and Shadow

Without any doubt, Sparkle is great software. But I miss the following settings.

For a box and an image element, the settings for Border, Rounding and Shadow are always valid for all devices and cannot be set separately for each device.

I would wish if these settings could be set separately for each device.

With a 1200 pixel view, an image or a box with a 12-pixel frame and a rounding of 48 pixels looks very suitable. With a 320 pixel view on a smartphone, these settings seem much too high.

May my wish will be heard.

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Good point. Maybe the border could be scaled similarly to what happens with fonts.

Otherwise, only playing hide and seek will help you at the moment. You could customize the element accordingly and make it visible only to one device and hide it on the others. Much to do.

Mr. F.

You are right, the only way at the moment is an additional element with his own settings and playing hide and seek. But with separate settings for each viewing device it would be much less efforts. I stay patient in hope for improvement.


Hi @Franky,

thanks for bringing this up. Yes differentiating many settings that can be would be great. Internally Sparkle is able to separate these settings per device, and we’re only worried of the exploding complexity of the user interface by adding it everywhere.

UI is hard and one of the places where WYSIWYG breaks down is when a change in one place affects other places you are not seeing. We hear about this frequently and we have a few places in Sparkle where this is the case. We want to reduce these, not increase them.

We will figure it out, but yes for the time being the only workaround is to duplicate and separate the element per device.

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I don’t know enough about coding to know how feasible this is for Sparkle, but my design software handles this by making the corners a percentage instead of a fixed number of pixels. Also it has a tick box for the stroke for “scale with object”. Perhaps something like that would be possible? Also, I’ve not gone back and checked what the shapes are exported as, but I wonder if they were an SVG would the corners and stroke automatically scale in the browser?