Separate Mobile and Desktop Sites

Is it possible to create completely different mobile and desktop sites? Each time I get the desktop site looking perfect I go to adjust the mobile site and complete mess up the desktop and vice versa.

@Valordesigns, The way Sparkle works is that it shares all elements across devices. And although that is the case you can individualise these elements per device, aka breakpoints.

If you want to completely have a 320 device that looks nothing like the desktop then whatever you don’t want on mobile you hide, aka untick Show On This Device. What ever you introduce on your 320 device you will need to go to your desktop and untick Show On This Device.

But be aware because where you place your elements on mobile can lengthen your pages on desktop.
Also before you hide the element on desktop I would also reduce the size of it.


Hi @Valordesigns, some ancient web design tools had this option, as a stop-gap for their inability to create truly responsive designs, and it’s a shame that people have come to expect that.

That’s not how the web should work, as discussed for example here: