Setting the Page Bottom Handle

When I am designing and switch between:
PC, Landscape tablets
and Portrait Smartphones
in the Device Menu I often find the Page Bottom Handle has been knocked way, way, way, way down the page and I have to take hold of it and scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll for ages to get it back up to the last item of artwork on the page.

Surely there is a way to instruct the Page Bottom Handle to jump up the page until it encounters the last graphic/text item on the page without this long and tedious grabbing and scrolling exercise.

Any advice?

@CliffSmith, Have you tried selecting everything in your footer and right-click group it, and then make sure the footer group is selected and then over on the right-hand panel… Arrange / Follow Footer (tick)?

Hi @CliffSmith, sorry about the trouble.

We’ve had a few reports of this over the years, but we can’t quite pinpoint when or how it happens, or if it even is a bug.

What we ideally need is a list of steps starting from a new project, that leads to a moved footer.

We are looking for the issue anyway but don’t have any solid lead.

Hello Duncan,
At first I suspect it happened when you add elements in the one device (ie PC format) and the program pop’s it into the other (Smartphone) that the Page Bottom Handle gets shunted down the page. It has never happened when I have yet to add a 2nd Device, this latest episode it went WAY down, I have attached a screenshot to show you the Vertical Position, it is crazy!

Seems the best remedy would be a button on the Page Bottom Handle (or a double click command on the PBH) that would zoom it up the page until it runs into the first element it encounters?

When I tried to move the box you see in the screenshot to the PBH or move the PBH up to the box it generates an error report. My email complains the file is too big to send to you so I have popped it on my server so you can get it at the link below.

Thanks but as mentioned unless the starting point is a blank document we don’t quite know what leads to that. Can you make it happen starting with a blank project?

It happens when you work with 2 device formats open. I am pretty upset because I am sitting with 2 weeks work now and it is a clusterfuck. Any chance I can send you the .sparkle file and you hack the PBH back up to the artwork?

Sure, email is best:

Sent it now, plse confirm receipt.
The problem is only in the Portrait Smartphone view
It does not occur in the PCs, Landscape Tablets

I have listed the pages where the PHB ran wild in the email.



The other 9 pages the problem did not occur.

I had the same problem in the earlier version of my website. It appears suddenly in the desktop format also. But sorry … can‘t say what step guides to this effect. But it was nothing unusual I did in Sparkle to effect this. only want say it happens also in the desktop version, not only in the mobile version. It was no Intension to blame anything…
I Like Sparkle…

Sorry a bug is not about assigning blame, it’s about finding the root cause and fixing it. Again sorry about the trouble.

No worries, I am confident you can resolve this. Otherwise I really enjoy Sparkle, for a non coder like me this is a really sweet app.

Fiddled a bit and am sure it is the way the PBH tries to anticipate where the bottom of the page is likely to be in the new format (PC) after fresh elements are added to another format (smartphone).
I recall some page layout packages a few years back were text boxes would “tighten up” around the actual text on the page with a simple double-click on one of the corners. I propose a similar solution here offering the option to double click on the PBH to have it pop up the page until it is touches the lowest element on the page.

I am copying and pasting to make fresh pages and there seems to be corrupted coding on the page EPIKsalarysforex because it keep bombing the page.

OK, the file repairs are great. Thanks for the support guys, very impressive!

Hi Cliff,
I have run into this a few times on different Sparkle sites, too.
And…to make matters worse, I find it impossible to delete that white space way down the page between the main content and the footer.
This doesn’t happen on all sites, just a few…some I think were built with older versions of Sparkle.
Just a guess.

Also be aware of elements that are hidden…
If you have hidden say a desktop element from your mobile but also move it further down the page on desktop than it can push the footer further down on mobile. Because the element is at the bottom of the page (and hidden) the footer can’t come back up unless the element is also moved up the page.

This can happen on any device…

Yes, that was my obvious assumption, however when I scrolled down, and when I say down the PBH had been pushed below 590,000,000 units in the vertical axis, and used Select All to try and find the stray hidden elements that may have been the culprit - there were none to be found. Anyway the team at Sparkle fixed the problem for me so I did not lose all the work I had done thus far and am now able to continue.

That is great news @CliffSmith! :slight_smile: The Sparkle Team is a fantastic professional supportive bunch! :slight_smile:

Hi Cliff, I’ve had this issue many times before, but the last time I got it, I discovered that if I had a background image which was set to ‘all pages’, when I resized it to fit any individual page, the longest page caused the footer to follow this image onto every other page, ie. if I had a page with 100 lines of text and I resized the background to fit that, when I went to a page with only 10 lines, even though the background image was resized to that, the footer took on the position of the image on the 100 line page. Whenever I deleted the background image, every footer kept the position given to it.