Shake image when hoovering with mouse

on this website the images shake when hoovering with the mouse. you fnd it at the pictures below “actueel”.

how to achieve this with sparkle???

thanks for helping

If I recall correctly you can’t do that in version 4. You can fade in I believe.

We would need an effect for [Mouse Hover] which is not present in V4 Pro currently. It is a favorable effect that I would make use of.

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There are some effects with pictures that are possible by inserting some html code.
I do have examples on my testsite…
Just hover over the first picture with the mouse; it’s no shaking - but some kind of highlight. You may ask @macarna for that! There are some different effects available. (btw: great work)

The other example shows an interactive 3D diagram (e.g. Sitemap)

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