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I’m trying to get my site to be able to share a page from the web site to my Facebook page with what I would consider normal behavior. When I click the share button from a page and try to share it to Facebook, all I get is my Facebook’s logo showing. What I want (this is for a newspaper website), is for it show the photo on the page together with the first few words or sentences of text. That is what I would consider normal implementation of Facebook sharing. What am I doing wrong?

I can copy and paste the url and it works as expected but not via the button I put on the page.

@Saltmedianewspapers, Have you gone into Settings / Sharing and selected “Generate Metadata For Social Sharing”?

Once that is selected extra functionality will appear in the right hand column called “Share Image” for your page. When you ask it to customise you will see that you can share a specific image with social media for the page in question…

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I did do that. That gave me the ability to get the results I wanted when copying and pasting the URL into my Facebook page. But, still, when using the button, it just wants to post my Facebook cover photo and profile picture.

OK. figured it out. I was putting my Facebook URL in the required field instead of the URL of the actual page that I wanted shared. Thanks for the help.

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