Shoppable landing page

I just created this one page webshop (demo). Try it out and I’d love to hear what you think.


Looks good. Was this made in Sparkle @mart

Thanks Woodrow! I made the site in Sparkle and built the shop with Ecwid.

Looks really good!
How did you make the mouse_over zoom effect?

Mr. F.

Thanks @Mr_Fozzie! Ecwid does that, the effect is in the embedded code.

Hey great job @Mart! :slight_smile:

Visually grabbing and well laid out bringing it all to a conclusion with the Ecwid shopping cart.
Just one thing… If I changed my mind after selecting one of the headphones how do I get back to the two options? I think there is something in Ecwid you can select?

A possible template? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind words @greenskin When you select a product you can go back by pressing the link “Back to catalog”. When you add a product to the shopping bag, you will automatically proceed to the Shopping card / Checkout. From here you can go back via the links “Store” (breadcrumb path) and “Continue shopping”.

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Well done I like it. Good to see how well Ecwid can be integrated.
Thumbs up!!

Thank you @Martin It works very well indeed.

Congratulations, it looks really neat.

Thanks for the compliment @luciandesign

It’s really great work!
Is Ecwid as easy to work with as Sparkle?

Congratulations, it looks really great!

Thanks @pbe Ecwid is absolutely easy to work with. By the way, they offer a free plan so you can try it out easily.

Thank you! @geneprofi