Shopping around

Hello, I’ve been looking around for a web builder and stumbled onto Sparkle. It’s just brilliant and I’m ready to pull the trigger, my only question is… does it have the ability to make a filterable portfolio either built-in or via a plugin.


@e_nanton, Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

You are going to love it!
At the moment Sparkle is unable to filter a portfolio as such but you can be creative and work around it. I am certain (I haven’t tried it yet) you could embed (inline code) something to that effect. Also Sparkle3 is just around the corner so I’m sure we will see a lot of welcomed surprises! :slight_smile:


Cheers mate, thanks for the response.

Welcome mate.

As @greenskin said Sparkle doesn’t have a built-in filterable portfolio function. You create your own. Sparkle doesn’t use plug-ins in the traditional way of others such as Wordpress. Sparkle allows for embedded code instead.

Sparkle is not a do it for you app, as are others such as Wordpress, it’s a do it your way design app. So creating a filterable portfolio will be uniquely yours, limited not by Sparkle but by your creativity.

Sparkle isn’t the right app for everyone. It is one tool in your web design workflow. If you want a design tool to build a website that doesn’t look like nearly everything else out there, then buy Sparkle. You have to be willing to do the work.

If you want more of a quick template, plug-in driven app that does it all for you, then don’t buy it. Either way is okay, just get the right tool for your workflow.