Shopping Site with Reviews

Is it possible to recreate this - (well similar not the same) for a different company? Including the reviews. Not sure how they are done…! I’ve used Shopify in the past but understand that doesn’t integrate as well with Sparkle (if I have that correct?). If the client wants to add products themselves can they log into the shopping cart site and is there a way they will update into Sparkle; or ???. Haven’t done a full sales based site, just ones with a few products so this is a big deal.

I should edit; the shopping cart bit update into the live site somehow. So if the customer wants to add a product, it will appear. Or is this just not possible…

From my experience @iVivid Shopify Lite works really well with Sparkle.

Shopify has gone down the path of prioritising their wares over others so integrating the Shopify Store is another matter. From what I have experienced their Shopify Store only works on their platform.

If you want an e-commerce store integration into Sparkle I would start with Ecwid. I have a few Ecwid stores integrated into Sparkle where the clients make updates on the Ecwid side and it automatically filters through to the Sparkle site.

Here is a couple store integration…

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Does it automatically work if they add a new product? That first site looks really nice :blush:

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Thanks for your nice words! :slight_smile:

Yes, If the Client adds products via Ecwid then the store on the Sparkle website is automatically populated and refreshed. So the Client doesn’t have to touch anything on Sparkle.

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Ecwid can be integrated in Sparkle in the “product browser” mode, where the products are directly entered on the ecwid portal, like say this by @RPX:

and this by @andymaltby:

Or with more work in Sparkle but also more design around the product purchase itself, like this by @dpamping: