Shouldn’t exclude from menu check mark keep a page out of the menu?

I added the thank you page, Have the check mark in for exclude from Menu’s
And its showing up in the menu.


@jfmusic, Also check your hamburger navigation and if it is there being active click on it and make it disappear by clicking on the eye icon.

Also can I help you by saying red text on black is a total no no in the graphic design world - it is really hard to make out and doesn’t allow for enough contrast with people with impaired vision.

Thanks for the Tip on the type, I went looking for Professional well established authors
and found this as a color scheme on a well known Author’s Site.

I’m partially color blind and red is usually what gets me but, I see it here.

Will have to consider you recommendation. Always much appreciated.

Hello @jfmusic

In your screenshot your page is still named: thank-you.html

You will have to change that to:


otherwise sending the form will not work.

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Wow, great catch. thank you