Show Label in Album

Hello everybody I wish you a happy NewYear.
I have a little problem with the Album.
I put several pictures in an album.
You can individually manage the pictures.
You even can give each picture a title.
So far so good, but when I type the Labelnaam
of each picture and tick checkbox “Show Label”
it doesn’t work. I get a name of another picture.
Do I something wrong?
Someone knows a solution? Thanks in advance.
Grtz Ton

P.S. My album is here
The first pictures have a name, after that I stopped :wink:

Hi Ton,
the Label name comes up when you activate it, what might happen if the text colour is in the same as your background.
Next to the tick bo “show label” is a circle with three dots, click on there and choose what shall happen with your label style.
I have switched mine to “as selected” and changed the colour of the label.
I hope that helps.


The label name doesn’t comes up at all, that’s the problem.

Works with my most recent version. Try to start a new project and add a gallery for test purposes.
You might have have something not ticked in your project.
Hard to give suggestions without seeing it.

Indeed, or if you tick the box :“Show label” another older name appears or the text “Etiket 3” subs Etiket 4 a.s.o. but not the name I filled in.

Looked again - user error it seems, me that is!
The documentation isn’t at all clear on its explanation of how to update all/some labels with all/selected attributes and maybe this is where the problems creep in!
I found that by setting the attributes on one image I was able to copy these to all other images in the album.
It seems that you have to update all label text content manually as you require, I’m not sure where it could have been entered otherwise.
The same thing about keeping images locally, wasn’t easy to find the little dropdown to set this for each/all images as there was little in the documentation that I could find.

Maybe someone has the answers to these things?

Thanks for thinking along Roger.
I think the error is in the app. It should simply be possible
that if I enter a text in the Label Name field and then tap the
Show Label name box, then the label name should appear
next to the photo or in the picturebox.

Hello Ton,
I had the same question, Duncan did answer, it’s quite tricky but works fine (even if you get the extention name of the file in the label, wich is not that nice.

  • create a galery
  • select the whole text of your very first image’s sticker
  • click on the “create smart field” button that appeard on the right panel
  • choose any EXIF in the list
  • then click on the purple button a pop up comes up and THERE you can choose filename,
    just make sure you apply to all the gallery and here you are :wink:

best regards

Thanks again. I made a new gallery.
Hereby a screendump. The only thing that changed are the numbers behind the word Etiket. That word “Etiket” is generated by Sparkle. Anything I do doesn’t change anything. In the menu I could find Add Smart Field but the only thing that happened is a new empty box. Example see
*** not applicable anymore ***

That’s the image description, unrelated to the label. You need to click on the label itself, and you then get the normal text inspector, then like on any text field you click to edit it, then in the text inspector you will find the insert smart field button.

Omg… what stupid I was… :joy: The options are more beautiful I could imagine.
Thanks Duncan.
:hibiscus: :hibiscus: :hibiscus: