Showing random pictures


I have finally published my made over blog ( and I’m quite happy apart from one thing…

At the top of each blog post, I show a selected picture in banner form using the wide box feature and a stock image from inside Sparkle. However, upon publishing and then viewing, different pictures are shown (that exist elsewhere in the site).

Example: this is the top of the blog post in Sparkle

However, after uploading, this is what I see:

I’ve cleared caches, I deleted all my host files and re-uploaded a fresh version. I think I’ve done everything!

Could this be a bug?

If anyone could please help, I’d be truly appreciative!

Many thanks in advance!

I ended up selecting new photos from the stock albums and it seems to be working now.

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Alright. Next time it happens it’s best if you send us the project file in its broken state, this is the best bet at figuring out the issue. After sending you can proceed with other attempts.

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Thank you Duncan. Something else has just happened to my blog index page (happened rather suddenly) so will send you the project file now.