Significance of Main, Neutral, Wireframe in colour palette?

Is there any particular significance to the three colour assignments in the colour palette in terms of how Sparkle uses them or are they simply a cataloguing device to help the user organise their colours?

@DavidMac this will give you a good idea how it works - Color | Sparkle Documentation

I’ve read all that very carefully. I wouldn’t post without doing that first.

Unless I am missing something it doesn’t answer my question as to whether Main, Neutral and Wireframe are each used in particular ways or whether they are nothing more than a cataloguing aid.


Yes, that’s how i see that. Sparkle does not assign colors automatically. You define the three rows for your personal use.

Mr. F.

Thanks Mr F. That’s what I’d hoped. I just didn’t want to fall into some kind of trap by assuming it 'cos I’m rather good at falling into traps. :wink:

That part of the Sparkle user interface dates back to version 1, and there was kind of a different idea for the direction for that. Today they start off with colors that are consistent with the naming, but you can name them anything you want in practice. We’ll definitely be evolving this at some point.


OK. Thanks Duncan. Since my query I have started setting up a global palette.

I am beginning to understand that I need to plan ahead a little more than I have been doing.

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@DavidMac, you didn’t mention that but it is great to hear!

Before I create a website I have the global colours worked out and set it up as my Main colours.
The Neutral Colours I sometimes use as supporting colours, mainly for hover states, etc…
The Wireframe colours I use when I wireframe a website. The colour pallet comes in really handy.

So as you suggested, I see it more as a categorising of your colours you will be using for your website.

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I will be honest with you. I am a complete web novice aside from a site created fifteen years ago with iWeb. Recently I wanted to do a new site. I wasn’t attracted by the rather rigid template based builders and started to try Sparkle. Once I decided this was the route I wanted to go and upgraded to the full version I began to experiment with what Sparkle had to offer. I spent a truly glorious week starting to get things going with all the bells and whistles that I thought would never be possible for me!

A couple of days ago I had an epiphany and realised I was having so much fun that I was behaving like a greedy kid in a sweet shop and simply devouring everything in sight without stopping to see what they really tasted like and that what I had created so far was a complete dog’s dinner! (How’s that for mixed metaphor? :open_mouth:).

So yesterday I scrapped it all completely and sat down and, for the first time set temptation to one side and thought properly about what I want my site to achieve and started to really plan.

Today I am setting out on an altogether more sober, considered and simple design.

But I have a feeling that’s going to be so much more satisfying than gluttony! :grinning:


Good on you @DavidMac! :slight_smile:
I’m sure it will be a “sweet” endeavour for you in the end! :rofl:

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Yes, know what you mean about Sparkle. Your comment reminded me of when I discovered all of the animation tools in PowerPoint. Just because they have them doesn’t mean you should use them all!

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Mind you, I am not even sure if you should use power point!

If ever anything destroyed the art of interesting lectures and articulate presentation it is Power Point Presentations. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :rofl: :rofl: