Simple and Modern Landing Page Template

My first landing page template is here.
A simple and modern landing page template for Sparkle.

Live preview:
Product link:


Like that design @luciandesign. I’m wondering if you could make everything on the page slightly larger font wise. I’m viewing on an iPad incidentally.

Hi @Woodrow… Thanks! You are right. I’ve updated the template/live preview.

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I’ve updated Landyo -Simple and Modern Landing Page Templates :slightly_smiling_face:.

Here is what’s new:

  • Minor tweaks
  • Added 1x new illustration
  • Added 1x alternative page

P.S. The links are the same :wink:


Much better. Well done. Love the middle transition.

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J’ai acheté Landyo : c’est simple, efficace et très réussi. j’adore.
Bravo :metal:

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Damn, it’s a good one! I’ll buy it! :blush:

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Thank you all for your kind words.

I’ve wanted to make Landyo more flexible, to allow anyone to easily compose new landing pages.

For this reason, I’ve reengineered Landyo and now everything is broken down in sections (12x Sections included in this moment) than can be used to create new pages.

See an overview on how this works here:

What’s included right now (the important stuff):

  • 2x Pages (fully made pages - these are still here)
  • 12x Sections
  • 7x Illustrations

@luciandesign, Sparkle comes across simple and minimalistic but the more we play, like you have, the more we find Sparkle is far from a simple minimalistic platform - a pandora’s box waiting to be opened!

Great work and a great video explaining it! :slight_smile:

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Really a good tool. Well done @luciandesign

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Hi, Lucian great tutorial, would it be possible to have a tutorial on how to view the website on a full HD screen the page remains small format it seems that the page is not responsive at all.

Hi @PATLUB , sorry for my late reply. I don’t really understand what do you mean (related to the full HD and page responsiveness). The template includes 3 responsive layouts:

  • Desktop Wide (1200px) - this one is used for wide screens (for screens bigger than 1200px, including full HD). The content it’s constraint within the 1200px, but this is how Sparkle works (we can’t define custom breakpoints or place the content outside the breakpoint. Sparkle calls these Device Layouts, you can read more about them here: Devices | Sparkle Documentation)
  • Portrait Tablet (768px)
  • Portrait Smartphone (320px)

Hope this helps!

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