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I am new to sparkle and I was looking to see if there was any control over the exported site structures. I am exporting to disk and would like to make the export cleaner by having the export create the index.html file and folder with all site items inside. Essentially you only see one file and on folder before digging deeper. I am not using Sparkle to create an upload a typical website my purpose is more an html interface for a project deliverable.

It’s possible. In the Page properties, once you’ve enabled the checkbox “Custom Filename”, you can then enter a file name folder1/filename.htm, or even folder1/subfolder2/subfolder3/filename.htm.

Hello @BrandonMcLaren1

For pages it’s possible.

In the “Page Settings” you can choose to publish a page to At Top Level or In a Folder


Sparkle will always create separate folders for images, css, js and video at the top level. I don’t think you can change that folder structure with Sparkle right now.


Thank you for the replies and information. I was able to figure each of these out on my own already, but it is still not what I am training to do. I don’t want to move a page and contents to a folder I want to move the main index page to its own spot and the entire site content to a folder. When you access the root directory you would see Index.html and a folder nothing else. The folder would contain the entire contents of the site. I don’t think this is possible in Sparkle so I have found a way to do it manually by editing the index file in html once it is created.

Maybe this could be a feature option in the future.

Couldn’t you simply use the page settings to specify a sub-folder location for every page except the “homepage”?

See the reply above from @Shadowfax .

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Yes but its not about the pages themselves it is about the overall site. If you notice the site exports to many linked files and folders associated with the home page. You have no control over these files as they are auto generated when publishing.

Your best bet here is placing the entire website into the subfolder, and have a top level html file you build yourself in which you simply place a redirect to Sparkle’s home page.

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