Site revised; feedback requested

Hi Sparklers,

Nearing the end a substantial revision of this site. I’d appreciate any comments, critical ones especially.

The landing page:

  1. My primary question:
    Does the flow invite the next action without being (too) heavy handed?

Many will land first on this page: Business card via QR code
A few questions are of particular interest, if you have time/interest in commenting

  1. Does the timing of the events work? Too fast? slow? distracting?
  2. Are the “float-in” events too pedantic?
  3. Any suggestions for other approaches to call out an action?

But all comments would be welcome.

Many thanks,

That boring, eh?

Perhaps this updated version will garner a few comments?

Could I suggest @PPEmail there is just too much going on.
I’m sure the aim is to have the potential client interact with creating a digital business card. Everything else is a distraction…

I felt overwhelmed with all that text and photos text and sliding in objects from all different angles.
I suggest to present it bit friendlier to consume.

Thank you, Hendrik, for the direct comment.

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Thanks too, Michael, for confirming…

Thanks all who looked, and @FlaminFig & @MiWe for confirming the nagging suspicions I had been resisting….

Too easy to get caught up in the fun of Sparkle and lose sight of the vital task of being clear and concise. Any ‘fun’ must enhance and attract without obscuring the message.

Now back to the design board…:smirk: