Site search and other suggestions

Hi there!
Sparkle is amazing and im really happy to work with such a nice piece of software. I just found some points what id like to improve.

  • It would be nice to allow the possibility to search by different keywords, also the possibility to open the links related on the results page to a blank page.

  • It would be nice to have 3rd levels menus.

  • It would be great to add a full screen overlay menu.

Thank you for your time and efforts

@franrc, I would love, love, love a full screen overlay menu! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions.

What do you mean with search by different keywords?

Me too. It would be rally nice to have it!

Hi! Thank you for your answer.

For example if I want to find a document of html with some different criteria inside. (Not only one).

It could be: Flat, For rent, Spain…
And get the results of the intersection of these 3 keywords (criteria) inputed in the search box.

I don’t know if it´s possible, but it would be great if we could make it.

The search is a great labor saver. What fields are searched? Does it take a while for it to index? there seem to be gaps in what I expect when I run a search. Thanks!

@RicC, The following documentation (Sparkle website) link has the answers to your questions -

Hi @RicC, Sparkle’s index is updated every time you publish, so it’s instant. There’s no actual “indexing” process of other “after the fact” search features, because Sparkle already knows all the text and includes it in the index in real time.

Sparkle omits elements that are visible in multiple pages, and a few things like form elements.

Are aren’t aware of any bugs, but if you see something that looks like one please do let us know:

The search term failures I’ve been able to nail down seem to be in photo gallery labels. As always, thanks for your huge efforts!

Excellent thanks, we’ll take a look.

for a specific instance search for “tanager” gives no results, used multiple times at

Possible interest(?): the gallery box is copied from a previous page, photos deleted, and new pics and labels entered.

thanks again