Site Search element - new in 2.8 - how does it work?

Hi! I’m trying to use new search site element but it returns a blank page after clicking in the search field… :cry:

And you did enter some text that is on your site ?

Hi there, sorry about the trouble. We don’t have documentation for it yet. You can see it working on our documentation page:

The site search feature indexes text on your pages, so it depends on what you’re trying. Do you have this published somewhere we can look?

Hi Duncan!!! :sunglasses: this is the site

the search is in the home page!


Possibly a bug in site search with your specific server setup. Ciao Marta :slight_smile: I’ll get in touch via email.

In case anybody else is wondering, the problem here is with the PHP version, the site in question has 5.3. I think at least 5.6 is required, we’ll look into it. Modern PHP versions are 7.1/7.2/7.3.


Please Duncan, l pray you get users a video on the updates in 2.8 especially the search feature. Thanks