Site search issue

I’m using ECWID as my storefront embedded in my Sparkle website.

I want to allow users of my website to search for products held in my ECWID storefront.

Can you suggest any solutions please as the Sparkle search doesn’t appear to search the ECWID store.

Thanks in advance.

@NickPye, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:
You are right about Sparkle search not being able to search the Ecwid Store. Have you used embed code you got from Ecwid via your account?, or did you use Sparkle’s monitization function?

If you check what Sparkle3 has onboard it can help you with search of your Ecwid Store…

Hi @greenskin
Thanks for your note.

I used ECWID’s embed code. I’ve subsequently found some additional search code from ECWID which is working.

I am using Sparkle3 but can’t find anything about searching my ECWID store.

@NickPye, Ok makes sense.
If you place a “Payment” element on your canvas you’ll notice in the right hand panel options you can select and one of them being an Ecwid search box, please see screenshot…