Site Settings Payments - ECWID with paypal enabled

I initially published my site a couple of years back and am just doing some updates. I noticed site settings now included a section for payments. I do use 2 fulfillment providers. One is ECWID. And can provide the STORE ID. ON ECWID I have enabled paypal. Does this mean I need a paypal CLIENT ID as well? even though I have not developed the paypal interface directly. i.e. I use ECWID’s.

The other fulfiller is FOTOMOTO and it has paypal enabled also (a different paypal account from the one I use via ECWID). I’m not sure how to handle this one at all. Or just leave as is?

Any advice? I sure need it. Please help. :flushed:

@NeotropicCarey, from what I understand…

  • Connecting Ecwid you will need a Store ID as you have mentioned so all good. Because you are running PayPal on the back-end of Ecwid there s nothing more you need to do in Sparkle to have it work.
  • With FotoMoto is would be similar, but Sparkle doesn’t have an element/widget for it so you would need to embed the code snippet in your image page. But again like with Ecwid you are running PayPal on the FotoMoto platform not in Sparkle.

If you follow this link you will see what you need to do (unless you have already) to use FotoMoto code snippet in Sparkle - Fototmoto Support

Ecwid has their own integration with paypal, so you don’t need to provide your paypal client ID in Sparkle, Sparkle never uses the paypal client ID with Ecwid.

Hello @FlaminFig,

thanks for your quick reply. I kinda thought that (and was really hoping so) . Very good to have it confirmed. And yes I have the Fotomoto snippet in my Sparkle already.

p.s. sorry I’m a bit late with my thx, neighbourhood lost internet last night! ouch.

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Thanks very much Duncan for the confirmation.