Site works in Preview but not when loaded on BlueHost

My site is not working correctly when Published, but seems OK in all Preview browsers. Specific problems include images not loading, footers not being added and Menu items pointing to wrong pages. But the problems are not consistent across all pages - some work, some don’t.

The site was working correctly previously.

I’ve tried re-publishing and can see new versions of the associated html files with correct dates.

I’m using 3.06 on BigSur.

This sounds like it could be a cache issue. Have you tried emptying your browser cache?

Yes I’ve deleted all history from Safari and tried it on new browsers on new devices - same issue (at least they are all consistently wrong).

Further…looking at Web Inspector in Safari I can see the code for some of the missing images, and the appropriate images are in the right position - but it seems the script (eg bounce in this case) is not running.

More Further…Menu Items problem was that I called the Blog Index page “Index” which then conflicts with index.html to take back to home page.

Still cannot fix animation issues on the home page but same animations now seem to work OK on the other pages.

Does this help?

Thanks for the idea, but no, Hotlink is disabled.

I’m sorry we have many customers on bluehost so that’s unlikely to be the problem, there’s nothing else actionable in your message. Would you share the page address, either here or via email if you prefer:

Web site is Simple example, all pages have the same footer - but it is not showing on the index page.

I have disabled animations on the other items on the index page at present.

@JimPitch, I’ve taken a look in Safari and Brave and I see your grey footer including on your home page.

Looks good on FireFox as well!

I can confirm what others are seeing, all images on the home page are loading in all browsers, the home page footer is there.

Jim, it sounds like your personal machine could be the culprit, and this kind of behavior usually stems from the Mac not having proper software maintenance done; a long-standing myth that Mac’s don’t need it. Try these things:

  • Zap the “PRAM” on your Mac. During boot hold down, OPTION, COMMAND, P, R, keys simultaneously. Wait for the machine to reboot itself twice (the Mac chime) then let go and boot normally.

  • “Safe Boot” your machine; during boot hold down the “SHIFT” key and wait until you see the progress bar and let go. Login to your Mac, then reboot normally.

  • Download and run all the maintenance routines in ONYX for Mac; it’s freeware and the best maintenance tool available for Macs.

Those 3 things should be done on a regular basis, at least once a month to keep your machine “tuned up”.

Let us know if this clears the issues.

Interesting, thanks. I am also now seeing the correct formatting, including the bounce in the logo. After my last posting I a small mod (added and deleted a character) and re-published the page. I’m wondering if the page was somehow not published fully.

No, this wasn’t the issue. I do keep the system up to date but zapping PRAM and safe boot are really only needed when problems occur and not necessary on a regular basis. But thanks anyway.

My guess is a server side cache. When it expires it shows what you published. Before that it shows a mix of old and new files.

Seems the most likely - thanks.