Sitemap in Sparkle

In my Google analytics, where can i find the sitemap that was generated by Sparkle
when I first published my website? Is is a gz , html?


the forum search gave me that: LINK
That might help you.


Hi MiWe,
yes, i saw that post but it’s not what i’m looking for. I have published my new website a few days ago and wanted to re-submit the Sparkle generated sitemap in my Google account. I just want to be sure that all the pages got submitted and hence the reason I want to do it again…


What I understand is that Sparkle does create the Sitemap automatically and also uploads it everything if it got changed.

There are conventions for auto-discovery by search engines, which are:

  • the robots.txt file is always named robots.txt
  • the robots.txt file contains the address of the sitemap.xml file

Also Sparkle always names the sitemap file

So while it shouldn’t be necessary to manually submit due to the auto discovery conventions, that’s where you can find it (assuming the “generate search engine metadata” checkbox in the site settings is checked).

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Hi Duncan,

If you don’t want to wait for the Google robot to scroll back to your site again, you can ask for a scroll in Search Consol, it’s take 24 to 48h to get a scan of your new site map and you will get the status if it was successful and the date it occurred. Look at the screenshot in my post.

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Thanks for this. One thing, In Cpanel the sitemap for Sparkle is /sitemap.xml - not html