Slider with custom content

Is there any way to make sliders with custom content in Sparkle? You know, the kind of sliders clients often request, like:

  • Sliders for hero content areas, where each slide contains a background image, a heading, some text and a button.
  • Testimonial sliders
  • Sponsor logos sliders

Possible with custom coding?

Welcome onboard @tudor! :slight_smile:

Yep you can with the Image Gallery element.

Thank you!
What I’m looking for are sliders with fully customizable content, where for example each slide contains a different image, a different heading, text, button etc. I don’t think this is possible using the Gallery element.

@tudor, It is possible…

Once you place your Image Gallery element the right hand panel will reveal what you can do…

Here is an example of the type of slider I need:

In Sparkle you can have some of those features like slide / cross-fade, manual or auto slideshow, and hero title and summary, but for the rest no.

The Sparkle Team has mentioned that the Image Gallery is on their list for some love! :slight_smile:

Also be aware the consumer statistics shows that they by past most of the time excessive hero sliders as they hunt for what they are looking for…

Sparkle allows for free-flow creativity when it comes to web design allowing us to create alternative solutions but always keeping in mind how the consumer will interact and benefit from it.

Take a look at what I was able to make on this homepage, using Sparkle image gallery set to auto and using the images below, masking the actual large gallery above.

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@macmancape Clever!

That’s the beauty of Sparkle… It allows our imagination to flow! :slight_smile:

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yea, as @greenskin said, you aren’t able to do smart sliders within Sparkle yet.

Each component in this slider (within the red lines) is a separate container with its own effects and movement.

Pretty sure we’ll be able to do it somewhere in the future, but for now you gotta settle with the simpler image and title options.

The main reason why I started using Sparkle a couple of weeks ago was to be able to produce website prototypes with dynamic elements like animations, drop down menus and sliders. These are cumbersome of impossible to simulate in apps like Sketch, XD or Figma. Sparkle is pretty good at this. I just need an option to convert groups of objects into slides and animate them.