Slideshow arrow query

Hi, does anyone know if there’s a way to change the arrows in the slideshow? I am not keen on them and wanted the ability for a visitor to click on the right side of an image to go to the next slide or to click on the left side of the image to go to the previous slide… Any help appreciated.

Many thanks

@Gordie, From what I know the suggestion you’ve made is not possible with the present image gallery. You can have the client click an arrow to move left or right, use the dots below the image galley to move through the slides, use image thumbnails to move through the slides, or leave it up to auto transition where you set the transition time.

I should had that a client has the ability to touch scroll the image gallery left or right on a tablet or mobile device, and they could also do so on a touch-screen laptop or desktop.

Many thanks for the reply. Yes that’s what I thought but wasn’t sure if there was some kind of workaround. I can make the arrows transparent but the viewer would need to know exactly where to click to make them work, rather than just a clicking on the image as I’d like. Shame as I think Sparkle is great and especially like the speed and the ability to see the website build through the browser. Back to Everweb then…

@Gordie, Sorry to hear that. I know as we speak there is a lot going on with Sparkle behind the scenes but could I say that statistics shows that a hero with more than 2-3 images actually creates a negative distracting experience for the user so I’m thinking it isn’t a deal breaker not having the ability for the user to click on the right of the hero image to move it along.

Interesting lecture on ‘slide shows’ :wink:


Pretty interesting. Never thought about it like that… I guess slideshows work better as an image gallery rather than text.

@lode.rosel, Yes very interesting! The other reason is how us humans are wired up and when we have expectations and things start moving on us visually we go into alert mode (fight or flight) causing stress and in turn feeling a discomfort in being there! This also fuzzes the focus and the feeling to move on!

The funny thing is that it has been shown that text sliding on a fixed background image, or a hero background video works far better than sliding hero images. So like I said it isn’t a dealbreaker for me or my clients! :slight_smile:

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